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We removed the two dagger boards and replaced them with one centreboard which created a big improvement. Now the leeway is around 5 degrees. This is what we needed to create lift from the asymmetrical board. Now we are making serious progress upwind.


We removed the over-designed Arch and replaced this with a lightweight metal frame. This reduced the weight of the boat and has resulted in more speed.

Pilot Seat

The fixed seat has now been replaced with a sliding one with a harness which attaches to the kite steering bar. This means power can be maintained over a longer period, by allowing the use of legs in conjunction with arms.

The above improvements have created collectively a big difference - mainly in speed, during our last session we were frequently above 10kts. When the boat starts to plane, around 11kts we experience a big jump in speed - so far up to 15kts!

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